A number of independent studies, surveys, reports and other resources have been compiled to provide an in-depth look at business aviation’s essential role in supporting jobs and economic growth, boosting business productivity, connecting communities, and innovating toward a net-zero carbon future.

The following are among the references that authoritatively detail these important societal benefits.

Business Aviation: Creating Jobs, Promoting Economic Development

Contribution of General Aviation to the U.S. Economy

This industry-wide study, produced by PriceWaterHouseCoopers, concludes that general aviation – including business aviation – supports 1.1 million total jobs and supplies $246 billion in total economic output in the United States.

Business Aviation: Supporting Companies and Communities

The Real World of Business Aviation: Survey of Companies Using General Aviation Aircraft

This independent survey, conducted by Harris Poll for the No Plane No Gain advocacy program, demonstrates that business aviation is a vital tool for companies of all sizes, enabling passengers to use their travel time more effectively and efficiently than alternatives, while also providing critical lift to smaller communities and areas in need of emergency relief.

Business Aviation: Boosting Productivity and Competitiveness

Business Aviation and Top-Performing Companies

This NEXA Advisors study, produced for the No Plane No Gain advocacy program, reaffirms that business aviation contributes meaningfully to a company’s enterprise value and continues to be a powerful tool of the largest and best-managed companies in America.

Business Aviation and the World’s Top-Performing Companies

This study – the fifth in a five-part series produced by NEXA Advisors for the No Plane No Gain advocacy program – finds that on a global level, companies using business aviation overwhelmingly take top honors in revenue growth, innovation, employee satisfaction, and market share, confirming that business aircraft are a mark of a well-managed global company.

Business Aviation: Maintaining Shareholder Value Through Turbulent Times

This study – the fourth in a five-part series produced by NEXA Advisors for the No Plane No Gain advocacy program – examines the performance of companies during the Great Recession and determined that companies utilizing business aviation consistently outperform organizations that don’t, even in tough economic times.

Government Use of Aircraft – a Taxpayer Value Perspective

This study – the third in a five-part series produced by NEXA Advisors for the No Plane No Gain advocacy program – demonstrates that local, state and federal government use of business aircraft increases agency or departmental efficiency, providing significant taxpayer value.

Business Aviation: an Enterprise Value Perspective – Small and Medium Enterprises

This study – the second in a five-part series produced by NEXA Advisors for the No Plane No Gain advocacy program – shows that small and medium-sized companies in America that use business aviation consistently outperform nonusers.

Business Aviation: an Enterprise Value Perspective

This study – the first in a five-part series produced by NEXA Advisors for the No Plane No Gain advocacy program – shows that by a host of measurements, S&P 500 companies using business aviation outperform those without aircraft.

Business Aviation: Innovating Toward Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change

The Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change, produced by industry stakeholder associations, details the industry’s roadmap for achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, through a combination of measures, in close partnership among government and industry stakeholders.

Innovation Driving Sustainable Aviation

This report, produced by the International Civil Aviation Organization, details the international aviation community’s multifaceted plan for minimizing the industry’s carbon footprint.

Fueling the Future: Sustainable Aviation Fuel Guide

This insightful resource, produced by the Business Aviation Coalition for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), serves as an authoritative source for understanding the science behind this central piece of the sustainability equation for business aviation, and offers answers to practical questions regarding the fuel’s production, availability and use.

Introducing Book and Claim

This straightforward source, produced by the Business Aviation Coalition for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), offers a foundational explanation of book-and-claim, the name given for a transactional process that allows those using business aircraft to purchase SAF at an airport where it is not physically available, so that an equivalent amount of SAF can be used where it is available.

Offset 101

This presentation, provided by the International Business Aviation Council, explores the concept of carbon offsetting, which is the term used to describe an action by companies or individuals to compensate for carbon emissions, in this case arising from the use of aviation services.

Perspectives on Advanced Air Mobility

This study, conducted by McKinsey & Company, explores the emerging Advanced Air Mobility Landscape, drawing from several years’ research to detail the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Advanced Air Mobility: Can the United States Afford to Lose the Race?

This study, conducted by Deloitte, looks at the myriad ways the Advanced Air Mobility sector will deliver commercial and economic benefits by increasing productivity and making it easier to move employees and goods across the country.

Business Aviation: Supporting Humanitarian Missions


Tel: 303-817-7355
Email: info@aeroangel.org
Web: www.aeroangel.orm

AeroAngel is a unique aviation charity that provides free transportation, primarily to children, traveling to distant, life-saving medical care. AeroAngel limits its flights primarily to critically ill children who are not able to fly on a commercial airline flight due to their fragile medical conditions and/or critical care needs.


Tel: 951-491-9827
Email: mstevenson@aerobridge.org
Web: www.aerobridge.org

AERObridge (formerly known as Corporate Aviation Responding to Emergencies, or C.A.R.E.) is the all-volunteer group that coordinated the bulk of company and individual flight-related donations during the 2010 Haiti crisis. During non-crisis times the group helps match people in need with transportation on business aircraft.

Air Care Alliance

Email: mail@aircarealliance.org
Web: www.aircarealliance.org

Air Care Alliance is a nonprofit public benefit umbrella group that lists and supports ALL known volunteer pilot and similar charitable GA groups. ACA lists and make referrals to more than 65 aviation relief organizations of various kinds.

Air Serv International

Tel: 540-428-2323
Fax: 540-428-2326
Email: dpayant@airserv.org
Web: www.airserv.org

Air Serv International is a non-sectarian not-for-profit provider of “last mile” air transportation for humanitarian programs and disaster relief operations worldwide. In the past decade, Air Serv has flown more than 230,000 aid development workers and 1,600 metric tons of emergency supplies to remote areas. Professional pilots “with humanitarian hearts, cross-cultural sensitivity and Cessna Caravan or Twin Otter experience” should contact Danielle Payant, Air Serv director of flight operations at dpayant@airserv.org.

Airlift Flyers Aviation (ALFA AERO)

Tel: 305-470-1500
Fax: 305-470-1502
Cell: 305-607-4282
Email: rick@alfa.aero
Web: www.alfa.aero

Based in South Florida, ALFA AERO is a humanitarian aviation organization dedicated to raising awareness of opportunities for GA to participate in philanthropic flying year round. ALFA AERO matches missions, coordinating vetted, worthy nonprofits with donations of underutilized payload capacity in aircraft headed overseas. Generous owners/operators can provide vital, free air mobility to benefit 501(c)(3) charities throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

Angel Flight

Tel: 918-749-8992
Fax: 918-745-0879
Email: angel@angelflight.com
Web: www.angelflight.com

There are nine independent Angel Flight organizations serving the U.S. in specific states. All provide free transportation in donated aircraft for needy individuals, usually for medical reasons. Please check our locator page to locate a Public Benefit Flying Organization in your area.

Corporate Angel Network

Tel: 914-328-1313
Fax: 914-328-3938
Email: grusso@corpangelnetwork.org
Web: www.corpangelnetwork.org

Corporate Angel Network (CAN) supported by NBAA, works with more than 500 major companies that use business aviation, most NBAA Members. CAN matches cancer patients needing transportation for treatment with corporate jets having empty seats on flights going in their direction. Although children with cancer are the passengers on many flights, the charity is not limited to children. CAN works with about half of Fortune 100 companies and many more of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies and finds seats for about 250 patients each month.

Flying Doctors of Mercy (LIGA)

Tel: 909-875-6300
Fax: 909-875-6900
Email: LIGA@ligainternational.org
Web: www.ligainternational.org

Members of this group of doctors, dentists, nurses, optometrists, audiologists, pharmacists, chiropractors, assistants and technicians travel to the town of El Fuerte in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, to provide medical services to the Yaqui Indians. The name LIGA is from the Spanish version of the group’s name. Volunteer pilots in donated aircraft fly the medical team members from their homes in Arizona, Nevada and California one weekend a month.

Missionary Flights International (MFI)

Tel: 772-462-2395
Email: dicks@missionaryflights.org
Web: www.missionaryflights.org

MFI maintains regular passenger service each week to and from the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic in support of missionaries and aid workers when needed. In times of crisis, MFI works with companies willing to donate aircraft flight time to the cause.

Patient AirLift Services (PALS)

Tel: 631-694-7257
Email: info@palservices.org
Web: www.palservices.org

Patient AirLift Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that arranges free air transportation for individuals requiring medical diagnosis, treatment or follow-up who cannot afford or are unable to fly commercially. PALS also arranges volunteer flights for family members of patients as compassionate missions, to ensure patients have support when they are away home for long periods. PALS is proud to assist military personnel and their families with free flights to

Samaritan’s Purse

Tel: 800-528-1980
Email: vgottfried@samaritan.org
Web: www.samaritanspurse.org

Samaritan’s Purse is an international relief organization that is part of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, managed by Franklin Graham. Its Aviation Department uses a variety of business-type aircraft to support relief and development missions in more than 100 countries. During the Haiti crisis in 2010, several companies donated additional business aircraft flight time to the group.

Sky Hope Network

Tel: 561-714-3070
Email: info@sky-hope.org
Web: www.sky-hope.org

Veteran’s Airlift Command

Tel: 952-582-2911
Email: info@veteransairlift.org
Web: www.veteransairlift.org

The Veterans Airlift Command works with companies and individuals throughout the U.S. to provide free air transportation to wounded veterans and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes. In the past year, the group has flown more than 1,700 wounded servicemen and women and their family members. The group’s priority passengers are injured service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, many of whom are amputees.

Wings of Mercy Inc.

Tel: 616-396-1077
Fax: 616-748-6093
Email: terry@ea-transport.com
Web: www.wingsofmercy.org

Wings of Mercy Inc. provides free air transportation in donated GA aircraft flown by volunteer pilots for people with limited financial means who need treatment at distant medical facilities.