By Lee Ann Shay, Aviation Week

Nine business and general aviation associations have united to debut an awareness and advocacy campaign designed to articulate what the community is doing to reach its net-zero CO2 goals by 2050.

The campaign, called “Climbing. Fast.” is designed to educate U.S. policymakers and opinion leaders about the industry’s efforts and progress toward that 2050 goal. “It shows motion in a way that is related to aviation and it underscores the urgency–climbing fast–to net-zero emissions,” said Ed Bolen, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) CEO and president, during a call to its board, Leadership Council, industry executives and environmental committee members on Oct. 12.

Bolen pointed to several ways the industry is moving fast—including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) usage and “tremendous advances” in hybrid, electric and hydrogen propulsion. “We’re also working hard to fly at optimal rates at altitudes and speeds, improve air traffic control and manufacturing,” and provide a sustainable flight department accreditation program to reduce environmental impacts.