By Noah Bovenizer, Airport Technology

The campaign will look to promote business aviation as a sustainable industry.

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) in the US has revealed a new advocacy campaign aiming to promote the sustainability technologies that are being used and developed in the business aviation industry.

The “Climbing. Fast.” campaign was launched at the NBAA’s 2023 Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas with an emphasis on a cross-platform strategy including a new dedicated website, digital advertising and a social media presence to build engagement around business aviation’s sustainability commitments.

NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen said: “Our industry has long made an ambitious commitment to sustainability with measurable results.

“Our new, branded Climbing. Fast. initiative will take this message to policymakers, opinion leaders and other key audiences, informing perceptions about the industry’s sustainability record and value.”

The NBAA’s campaign will highlight some of the key technologies that will be used to achieve sustainability and net zero targets, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), hybrid-electric and hydrogen engines and the use of more efficient routing.

It comes amid increasing awareness from customers about the environmental impact of their decisions and the relatively high emissions of the aviation industry, with the Environmental and Energy Study Institute reporting that commercial aeroplanes and large business jets contributed 10% of US transportation emissions and 3% of the country’s overall greenhouse gas production.