By Mike Stones, Corporate Jet Investor

Winning public recognition for business aviation’s contribution to the economy, innovative technology and sustainability has long proved a hard battle. A battle of attrition and few famous victories commanding public acclaim. Last week, a new front opened in the fight to win that recognition from government, policy-makers, opinion-formers and the public. Introducing: Climbing. Fast.

This is an industry-wide campaign launched at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas to promote business aviation’s mission to achieve net zero carbon emissions, its leadership on sustainability targets and wider contributions to society.

Think of it as a re-imagined No Plane No Gain initiative – but with many more founding members and a broader remit. The old campaign by NBAA and General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) sought to explain business aviation’s contribution to the economy and society. Now Climbing. Fast. delivers a new-century perspective on the old, old question: how can we help people better understand the sector’s full contribution.