As the French OEM and logistics giant reflects on 2023, it restructures for growth amid challenges faced by the global aerospace industry.

With an increasingly global workforce of 13,000 employees—up from 10,500 a year ago—and 1.65 billion euros revenue on top of three years of revenues stacked into the order book, Daher is poised to leverage the continued growth in its aerospace, industrial, and logistics segments. That is, if it can navigate the ongoing stresses on the global economy, including inflation, supply chain constraints, soft pricing models, and difficulty recruiting the talented workforce it needs to capitalize on opportunities and fulfill the order book it already has.

Daher’s position demonstrates well the state of the global aerospace market.

“We are in a paradox situation—some are happy; some are not happy,” said Patrick Daher, board chair for the Daher group, in kicking off the company’s performance review for 2023 in Paris on February 7. “We are feeling the impact of the international situation, and then we are still recovering from COVID, but the COVID crisis is over for us…But some international threats—for example the war in Ukraine and the Middle East, the future elections, the situation in China—all these events have created a political instability that is really worrying for the future.”