The US could sustainably triple its biomass production to more than one billion tons per year, according to the Department of Energy’s Billion-Ton 2023 report. The report, the fourth in a series of evaluations of potential biomass resources in the US, concludes that such production would allow the entire US aviation industry to decarbonize, using Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

“Boosting clean energy solutions like biomass is critical to achieving long-term national decarbonization goals and is a key component of President Biden’s agenda to deliver new economic opportunities across the country while addressing the climate crisis,” said the DOE in a statement.

“President Biden is dedicated to building a thriving bioeconomy that benefits all Americans and ensures that everyone, from farmers and scientists to healthcare professionals and engineers, can play a leading role in our clean energy future,” said US Energy Secretary, Jennifer  Granholm, at the presentation of the report.