By Mike Stones, Helicopter Investor

Helicopter Association International (HAI) is backing a new industry-wide promotional campaign – called Climbing. Fast – designed win wider recognition for business aviation’s achievements in working towards net zero carbon emissions, its leadership on meeting sustainability targets and contributions to society.

James Viola, president and CEO, HAI said the campaign would help both the public and policymakers to a better understanding of how business aviation, including helicopters supports local communities, economies and contributes to decarbonising aviation. “The movement toward environmentally friendly Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft is already underway, with both new entrants and existing manufacturers utilising alternative fuels,” said Viola. “This evolution toward sustainability is the right direction for the aviation industry. Climbing. Fast. is necessary for the public and policymakers to fully understand how vertical aviation and all aviation is working towards a greener tomorrow.”